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The Reality of Advice-Only Flat Fees vs AUM Fees for Financial Advice & Planning
When selecting a financial advisor, it's important to pay attention to the fees you'll be paying, especially over the long term as your assets grow. It could cost you more than you think.
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The Bitcoin Halving is only months away now. Here's an explanation of what it is, why it happens, and the benefits it brings.
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Smart Investing with Portfolio Diversification
Embark on a financial journey as we demystify the power of portfolio diversification, a strategic roadmap for weathering market uncertainties.
Income Tax Brackets for 2024
The IRS announced higher tax brackets and standard deductions for 2024. Contribution limits have also been increased for HSAs and FSAs.
Reviewing Your Homeowners Insurance
The language of homeowners insurance can be confusing, but it needn't be. Here's an explanation of common terms and coverage to make it easy for you to understand your policy.
2024 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits
Here are the new contribution limits for 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 retirement plans, as well as IRAs, for 2024.
Top 5 Things to Know About a SEP IRA
Own your own business or self-employed? Whether you're going it alone or managing some top-level talent, you may want to consider offering a SEP IRA. Get started with 5 quick facts as you consider this retirement plan option.
The 80/20 Rule In Homeowners Insurance
It's important to make sure your insurance policy covers at least 80% of the replacement cost of your home, and it's not just because your mortgage lender may require it.