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Escient Financial can handle the

Investment Management so you don't have to

by Creating, Investing in, and Monitoring

Personalized Portfolios ​based on Your Goals

Your investment portfolio plays a vital role in your overall financial plan. It is where you'll build your wealth, and thus your financial future. With Escient Financial's Investment Management Service, a personalized asset allocation will be implemented for you. By monitoring your investment accounts, recommended changes to your investments can be made when appropriate and implemented to keep your journey to achieving your financial goals on track.


Escient Financial's investment philosophy takes on a long-term strategic approach to investing while reducing expenses (fees and taxes) using low cost, superior risk-adjusted returns, and globally diversified investments.

Personalized Investment Allocation

Superior Risk-Adjusted Portfolios

Reduced Expenses & Fees

Tax-Efficient Portfolios

Goals-based Strategic Approach

Diversified Portfolios

Value Investing

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The Future of the Financial System is Right Here

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (referred to here as digital assets) can be an important part of a modern financial plan. Escient Financial will help you understand if, where, and how digital assets can effectively help you accomplish your goals.

Although they currently can be highly volatile, digital assets bring great opportunities, but potentially higher risk and more complexities to navigate. Regulations aren't as transparent as they could be, so it's important to have a full understanding of the entire digital assets landscape to take advantage of the best opportunities and minimize the pitfalls. That's why Escient Financial is the best advisor for you if you want to include digital assets in your financial plan and investment portfolio. With Escient Financial you get...



Escient Financial recognizes that digital assets can be confusing, complicated, and difficult to use and invest in. To allow clients to take advantage of investing in digital assets, Escient Financial utilizes Onramp Invest, a Securitize company, for managing client's bitcoin, crypto, and digital assets with the regulated custodian Gemini.


Even if Escient Financial isn't managing your digital assets, it's important to properly monitor your investments. Through Onramp Invest, you can link your Coinbase and Gemini accounts so that Escient Financial can monitor all of your investments as part of your comprehensive financial plan to help ensure you stay on the right track toward achieving your goals.


Integrate digital assets into your financial plan to help achieve your goals, and include them in your estate and tax plans.


Receive advice you on whether digital assets should be part of your financial plan and investments, where you should buy and store them, if you should stake and earn yield on your crypto, and more.


It is crucial for every investor to fully understand digital assets, why they exist, how they work, the risks involved, the opportunities available, the costs, how to use them, and how to implement them as part of a financial plan and investment strategy.

Investing in digital assets involves a greater amount of risk due to increased volatility and different or less regulation than exists for traditional financial investments. The future of digital assets is uncertain and highly speculative and should be considered only by investors willing and able to take on the risk and potentially endure substantial loss.


Personal Investment Portal

Your own investment portal to view all account holdings with 24/7 secure access to portfolio information via the web or mobile app.

Assistance with Accounts

In addition to monitoring and placing trades, Escient Financial is here to help with new account openings, transfers, rollovers, and account maintenance.

Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Escient Financial is here answer any other questions that may come up. You're free to call, email, or schedule a meeting to discuss any questions, concerns, or curiosities you may have.

Quarterly Updates

You’ll receive quarterly statements and performance reports for your investment accounts so you can be aware of how you stand with your financial plan.

Weekly Newsletter

Escient Financial sends out weekly newsletters so you have an idea what's happening with markets, if there's any news you should be aware of, and so you know Escient Financial is on top of things.

Education & Instruction

It's important that you understand how your money is being invested and why. Escient Financial makes sure you understand what's happening with your money so you can sleep easy at night.


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