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Real Financial Planning  and

Advice with Cryptocurrency

and Digital Assets

Real Financial Planning and

Advice with Cryptocurrency

and Digital Assets

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The Future is Right Here

The Future is Right Here

Digital Assets and cryptocurrencies can be an important part of a modern financial plan. Escient Financial will help you understand if, where, and how digital assets and cryptocurrencies can effectively help you accomplish your goals.

Although highly volatile, digital assets and cryptocurrencies bring great opportunities, but also higher risk and more complexities to navigate. Regulations aren't as transparent as they could be, so it's important to have a full understanding of the entire digital asset and cryptocurrency landscape to take advantage of the best opportunities and minimize the pitfalls. That's why Escient Financial is the best advisor for you if you want to include digital assets and cryptocurrencies in your financial plan and investment portfolio. With Escient Financial you get...


Integrate digital assets and cryptocurrency into your financial plan to help achieve your goals, and include them in your estate and tax plans.


Receive advice you on whether digital assets and cryptocurrency should be part of your financial plan and investments, where you should buy and store them, if you should stake and earn yield on your crypto, and more.


Learn CeFi and DeFi, purchasing, selling, transferring, and managing cryptocurrency, how to spend crypto, and the risks involved with digital assets and cryptocurrency, 


Crypto & Digital Asset Planning Focus Areas

Purchasing, Selling, Trading Crypto
Spending & Transferring Crypto
Self-Custody of Crypto & Digital Assets
Crypto Portfolio Construction
Crypto Portfolio Analysis
Direct Crypto Investments
Indirect Crypto Investments
Ecosystem Investments with Stocks & Funds
Centralized Finance (CeFi)
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Lending and Borrowing Crypto
Crypto Mining
Earning Yield with Crypto
Staking and Yield Farming
Tax Planning with Crypto
Estate Planning with Crypto & Digital Assets

Investing in digital assets and cryptocurrencies involves a greater amount of risk due to increased volatility and different or less regulation than exists for traditional financial investments. The future of digital assets and cryptocurrencies is uncertain and highly speculative and should be considered only by investors willing and able to take on the risk and potentially endure substantial loss.

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