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REAL Financial Planning isn't entering basic information into software to give you a cookie cutter financial plan. We'll work together to figure out all of your goals, including some you may never have considered or thought about.

A Personalized Plan for You

Once your goals are established, you'll receive a plan that shows you how you'll achieve your goals. It could include not only what you should invest in, and where and when you should make those investments, but also how you might implement other recommendations such as spending, saving, debt payoffs, insurance, estate planning, and more.

All Parts of Your Financial Life

Many financial advisors center their advice around investments or insurance, so they may not be looking at other important areas of your life that could have a dramatic impact on your financial life. With REAL financial planning, all areas of your life become a focus of your financial plan so that you have a better chance of achieving ALL of your goals, including those you've already thought of and those you haven't yet.

A Plan That Adapts to Your Life

Many factors can affect your financial plan, both good and bad. If you get a new higher paying job (or a promotion), or if you're laid off from your job, your financial plan will be affected. As these changes happen, your financial plan can be quickly updated so you any changes or new recommendations can be implemented to compensate right away for those life changes, making achieving your goals easier and more efficient.


Financial Possibilities & Goals
Cash Flow & Budgeting
Debt Management
Emergency Fund
Net Worth Tracking
Risk Management
Investment Analysis
Personalized Investment Advice
College Education
Employee Benefits Optimization
Purchasing a Home
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning
Social Security
Estate Planning
Real Estate Investments
Business Planning


Not only should real financial planning cover all areas of your life, but the plan needs to adapt and change throughout your life, and you should be able to access and see your financial plan at any time. With Escient Financial, you can access your financial plan in real financial planning software at any time, from budgeting tools to retirement outlooks, and more.

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Personalized Investment Allocation

Superior Risk-Adjusted Portfolios

Reduced Expenses & Fees

Tax-Efficient Portfolios

Goals-based Strategic Approach

Diversified Portfolios

Investment Education & Instruction


The Future is Right Here

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (referred to here as digital assets) can be an important part of a modern financial plan. Escient Financial will help you understand if, where, and how digital assets can effectively help you accomplish your goals. Digital assets bring great opportunities, but potentially higher risk and more complexities to navigate, so it's important to have a full understanding of the entire digital assets landscape. That's why Escient Financial is the best advisor for you if you want to include digital assets in your financial plan and investment portfolio. With Escient Financial you get...


Integrate digital assets into your financial plan to help achieve your goals, and include them in your estate and tax plans.


Receive advice you on whether digital assets should be part of your financial plan and investments, where you should buy and store them, if you should stake and earn yield on your crypto, and more.


Learn purchasing, selling, transferring, and managing digital assets, how to spend crypto, CeFi, DeFi, and the risks involved with digital assets.


Digital Assets Planning Focus Areas

Purchasing, Selling, Trading Digital Assets
Spending & Transferring Digital Assets
Self-Custody of Digital Assets
Digital Assets Portfolio Construction
Digital Assets Portfolio Analysis
Direct Digital Assets Investments
Indirect Digital Assets Investments
Ecosystem Investments with Stocks & Funds
Centralized Finance (CeFi)
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Lending and Borrowing Digital Assets
Digital Assets Mining
Earning Yield with Digital Assets
Staking and Yield Farming
Tax Planning with Digital Assets
Estate Planning with Digital Assets

Investing in digital assets involves a greater amount of risk due to increased volatility and different or less regulation than exists for traditional financial investments. The future of digital assets is uncertain and highly speculative and should be considered only by investors willing and able to take on the risk and potentially endure substantial loss.

Get Escient Financial's Guide to Crypto Custody

Escient Financial's Guide to Crypto Custody provides an overview of the custody options for digital assets, with advantages, disadvantages, and risks. There is also an overview of wallet types, tips on what to consider when choosing a wallet, and more. All you have to do is subscribe to Escient Financial's Insights Newsletter and you'll receive the free download. Click or tap on the image below to get the guide now.



Escient Financial will help you achieve the best life possible by working in concert with you. To make this possible, Escient Financial takes the time to clearly understand your background, philosophy, needs, and objectives to work collaboratively with you.


Escient Financial will bring order to your financial life by assisting you in getting your financial house in order. From investments, insurance, taxes, and your estate to household cash flow, and more.


Escient Financial will bring insight from the outside to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important money matters by being available to consult with you at key moments of decision-making, doing the research necessary to ensure you have all the information, and managing and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.


Escient Financial will explore what specific knowledge will be needed to succeed in your situation by thoroughly understanding your situation, then providing the necessary resources to facilitate your decisions, and explaining the options and risks associated with each choice.


Escient Financial will help you follow through on financial commitments by working with you to prioritize your goals, show you the steps you need to take, and regularly review your progress towards achieving them.


Escient Financial will work with you to anticipate your life transitions so you can be financially prepared for them. By regularly assessing any potential life transitions that might be coming, together we can create the action plan necessary to address and manage them ahead of time.


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